Therapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Presenting symptom: Excessive alcohol consumption
Number of sessions: 1
Comments: Last night was alcohol-free (minor miracle … cannot remember the last time that happened.  I even used to drink through times when I was supposed to be avoiding it because of medication etc:-)

There were lots of little grog promptings during the evening (past habit triggers) which were quickly subdued by the new Me. I really do not think I’m interested in wine any more, and I believe it will become easier day by day with the Compulsion Monster banished for good. Equally, I kept looking at the fridge and thinking ‘cheese’, and visiting the larder with biscuits in mind, just to be reminded that fruit is the only permitted snack food. So, that has worked as well.

This morning, I power walked 6 kms up and down the hills before breakfast … and have stuck to a modest eating plan this morning.  I believe that the weight will shift fairly quickly – a kilo a week is a healthy target, and quite achievable.

I am planning to come and see you again in a few weeks time – more for learning other techniques that might help me than the discussed aversion therapy which I do not believe I need. I am astonished to say this, but I really think you reached me at that deeper level where the subconscious can receive new instructions.  I actually did not think it would be possible for me. Before I visited you at the Wellness Centre, I have always managed, despite myself, to block meditation and hypnotherapy with brain chatter. Time will tell, of course, but I already feel far more in control, and far more decisive. When cravings for certain things do arise, the new Me kicks in and dismisses them pronto.  That’s today … and I fully intend for each tomorrow to be no different!

My wife and I talked about this last night, and she is thrilled of course as I was the one hooked by the Monster. We worked out that I have been spending over $2500 each year on wine … that money is going to go into a holiday fund for 2012. A very satisfactory ‘reward’ for both of us!

So, all good – and thank you once again Sarah.

Client:  Male, 64 yo.

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