Therapy: Meditation
Presenting symptom: Stress
Number of sessions: Multiple
Comments: I just wanted to start with saying a BIG thankyou to you. Coming along to your meditation classes over the last couple of years has dramatically changed my life. Your kind words and spiritual knowledge has taught me to think and act differently in every aspect of my life and has in turn opened up doors and opportunities for me which before I would have never thought possible. Wednesday night is always a highlight of my week; a cleansing escape from the busyness of life. You have taught me methods to help me destress (because I do in fact stress way to much!) And have opened my mind to a higher order of thinking. You and your work have been such a blessing in my life and I just wanted you to know that what you do is truly making a difference. And I know it has made a difference in my Dad’s as well!.
Thank you so much for everything once again. You truly are an amazing person.
Client: B Maynard

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