Therapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Presenting symptom: Panic attacks and anxiety
Number of sessions: 2
Comments:  Emily (age 14) had been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety and had been unable to go to school  for approx 2 weeks. When she did go to school she would begin to feel anxiety and this would manifest itself with feeling hot and cold, feel nausea, red blotched skin. Her teachers would immediately send her to sick bay. Parents then called to collect her.We made sure the issue was not physical by visiting our GP and having blood tests. The GP recommended Emily see a Counsellor. Having known of Sarah Joy through our BNI (networking group) – we wanted Emily to visit Sarah for some Hypnotherapy. Emily was excited at the thought of Hypnotherpay, but also keen to be able to go back to school.After Emily’s first session there was an incrediable change within Emily. She was much calmer and ecited at the propect of returning to school. After her second session, which was the next day – Emily was a changed person. She was sparkling and confident and knew exactly why she had been having panic attacks and anxiety, which enabled her to see the reasoning and for her to know she would no longer have them.Emily is now back at school full time and there are no lingering issues that cause her anxiety or panic attacks. Emily can not thank Sarah enough. She found being with Sarah extremely relaxing, as Sarah is so warm and friendly, which meant Emily felt secure and safe to be Hypnotised by Sarah.
Client: Deana Mayor, Helena Valley.

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