Therapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Presenting symptom: Smoker
Number of sessions: 1
Comments: Dear Sarah,

Just writing to thank you so much for your recent hypnotherapy services for my husband and myself. I am confident that we are now both non-smokers as I cannot imagine going back to the way we were before. I am absolutely in awe of the impact you can have on people’s lives and I am so grateful for the change you have made in ours.

I still find it incredible to think that I have smoked for 26 years and after an hour and a half with you, it’s all just gone. I can stand right next to someone having a cigarette and have absolutely no desire to smoke with them or feel uncomfortable in any way. It’s almost like it’s invisible. I am 100% confident that it will stay that way too. As you know I have always enjoyed smoking and managed to deny the potential health problems but I was finally compelled to quit in support of my husband (who badly wanted to quit and had tried many times before) and to save the stupid amount of money we were spending on cigarettes. Given these things, I was sceptical about whether the hypnotherapy would work and even if I wanted to quit badly enough to make it work – so the result is amazing to me.

Even with the hypnotherapy, it was difficult in the beginning to get over the feeling that you really badly wanted a cigarette because it was at a habit time when you always had one before. Although the strangest thing was that at the same time you know that if someone stood right next to you and offered you one because you wanted it so badly, that you would definitely not want it or take it!! That is what convinces me that my chances of quitting without the hypnotherapy would have been a total zero. I am sure I would have just caved without it.

Everyone I have spoken to about us quitting smoking has asked me for your phone number so I have passed it on to quite a few people now and it will be interesting to see how far the ripple effect goes. I am convinced that the reason your hypnotherapy is so successful is because it is so individual. The time spent talking to you before the hypnotherapy allows the session to be tailor made to exactly what will work for you – so even though my session and my husband’s session were completely different, we have both enjoyed success. My daughter is so happy that we have both quit smoking and she says it’s really good she doesn’t have to smell that smell all the time now. We also have a quit fund going now that is just growing and growing with all the money we used to spend on cigarettes before. So the money we spent on the hypnotherapy has just paid for itself over and over again. We will never forget the difference you have made, so once again thank you so very much.

I will continue to pass on your details to anyone who is thinking of giving it a go and I hope you will have the opportunity to help many more people the way you have helped us.

Sincere thanks,

Client: Married female, Parkwood

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