Local Occupational Therapist in Kalamunda.

Occupational therapy (OT) is a client-centered health profession concerned with promoting health and wellbeing through occupation. The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy applies specialist approaches and techniques to maximise a child’s engagement, achievement and independance in all activities, including those at school, play, leisure, and self-care skills such as dressing and feeding.

Occupational therapy can assist with:

  • Difficulty with pencil skills such as writing, colouring and grip.
  • Difficulty with self-care skills such as fastenings and using cutlery.
  • Sensory challenges such as aversion to textures, sounds, bright lights, touch, clothing tags and impulsive behavours.
  • Concentration and attention difficulties such as following instructions and staying on task.
  • Gross motor skill difficulties such as maintaining good posture for tasks, hand/eye coordination skills, bumping into others or objects.
  • Visual perception difficulties such as copying from the board and following worksheets.


  • Bachelor Science (Occupational Therapy) (Hons) (Northampton)

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