AHPRA prohibits testimonials to be displayed for Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Podiatry Services.

Below is a list of testimonials given by our clients. Originals are kept at the clinic and are available for verification.

Therapy: Meditation
Presenting symptom:
Number of sessions: 7
Comments: I am really enjoying the meditation sessions so far.  I love how Eugene guides us through each session – it helps me to stay focused on the meditation rather than… Continue reading
Therapy: Transpersonal Therapy – Counselling
Presenting symptom: Not disclosed
Number of sessions: Not disclosed
Comments: I am so very grateful that life guided me to Eugene. Under her guidance I have willingly undertaken much soul work which has helped me… Continue reading
Therapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Presenting symptom: Fear of flying
Number of sessions: 4
Comments: Reason: To help me get on a plane, after I had tried alternative methods including a Qantas Fear of Flying course.

Result: I was able to better… Continue reading

Therapy: Bowen Therapy
Presenting symptom: Stress causing severe muscle pain
Number of sessions: Not disclosed
Comments: Reason: To relieve aches in muscles caused by severe stress also for relief from pain caused by injures such as damage to plantafacia in… Continue reading
Therapy: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Presenting symptom: Smoker
Number of sessions: 1
Comments: Excellent outcome achieved. Only one session and I have stopped smoking with no cravings and no bad tempers. Has been seven weeks now without any desire to have a… Continue reading

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